Hindi Diwas 2022 Date – History, Celebration, Objective & Why 14th September in India

Hindi Diwas 2022 and Hindi Day are celebrated every year on 14th September. Hindi Language is Mostly Spoken in India, keeping this in view, the Samvidhan Shabha had Decided that the official language of the Central Government would be Hindi. The decision to make Hindi the official language was also taken in view of this. In order to make Hindi language reach every area of India, in the year 1953, this decision was taken that 14th September will be recognized as Hindi Diwas or Hindi Divas.

Many noble people living in India gave special mercy to Hindi and played a big role in the upliftment of Hindi Language, The names of some of these people are Kaka Kalelkar, Seth Govind Das etc.

After the independence of India, there was a demand to make Hindi the official language of India, in view of this, to make Hindi the official language with some writers Kaka Kalelkar, Seth Govind das, Hazari prasad Dwivedi etc Tried a lot.

Hindi Diwas 2022
Hindi Diwas 2022

History of Hindi Diwas / Hindi Day in India

If there is talk of Hindi and there is no talk of Mahatma Gandhi, then this cannot happen, first of all, Gandhiji had said something big about Hindi in Hindi Literature Conference.

Let us explain in detail, in the year 1918, Gandhiji was giving his views in a Hindi literature conference, Keeping his point, Gandhiji called Hindi the language of the people & He also supported making Hindi language the official language of India.

After the independence of India in the year 1949, there was a lot of discussion on making Hindi the official language and after that It was decided on 14th September 1949 that 14th September will be celebrated as Hindi Day. This important decision has also been addressed in Article 343 of Chapter 17 of the Constitution of India.

Regarding Hindi, it is written in the Constitution of India as follows (The national language of the Union will be Hindi and the script will be Devanagari)

This important decision was taken on 14th September, so Hindi Divas is celebrated on 14th September.

There is another reason Why Hindi Day is celebrated only on 14th September.

A Noble and Famous Hindi Litterateur Vyahar Rajendra Singha was born on 14th September and it was his 50th birthday, This was also a reason for celebrating Hindi Divas on 14th September.

But the Most Amazing thing is that when Hindi was chosen as the National Language, it started protesting in Non-Hindi Speaking States (South India) and all of them said that the English Language should also be given the Status of the Official Language of India.

Because of this reason, we must have seen that when we talk in Hindi, then we use some English words in our conversation, Now it has become very normal, no one cares.

Hindi Diwas Program & Celebration

Hindi Divas is like a Festival and to Celebrate it, many programs are organized in India. As we mentioned, 14th September is celebrated as Hindi Day, on this day in Schools, Government Offices, Universities. It is taught to make maximum use of Hindi Language and to increase respect for Hindi.

Many types of programs are also done on the occasion of Hindi Diwas 2022 (Hindi Day) such as Hindi Debate, Essay Writing, Poems, One on One Talks or Typing Competition etc. The purpose of all these programs is to make people aware about Hindi language only and to create respect in the hearts of people towards Hindi.

Bhasha Samman award is also given in the celebrations of Hindi Diwas. The person who does something good for the Hindi language and contributes to the upliftment of Hindi, that Personality is awarded with this honor. Along with this, One lakh One thousand rupees are also given, the purpose of this Bhasha Samman honor is just to inspire people and keep the Hindi language alive.

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People are also invited for Essay Writing Competition and their suggestions are also taken seriously so that Hindi language can be uplifted.

But after all this there is a sad reality too, On the day of Hindi Diwas 2022 everyone remembers Hindi and everyone gives respect to it. And the very next day everyone forgets Hindi and gets busy in his work.

This is a very simple matter for all of us, as it is going on, the day is not far when Hindi will be completely extinct.

But the people of our country have also organized National Language Week to overcome this problem. It is organized for 1 week so that Hindi should be remembered by Indians for at least 1 week.

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List of Program on Hindi Diwas 2022 :

1. Seminar
2. Hindi Typing Competition
3. Poetry Conference
4. Official language week
5. Hindi Essay Writing
6. Poetry conference
7. Award Ceremony
8. Debate
9. Dictation competition

Interesting Facts About Hindi Language

Hindi language is the third language spoken in the world, English on the first number and Chinese on the other. But the number of people who can write and speak Hindi is very less. And it is getting less and less, its reason can be considered in the English language because often people use some words of English while speaking Hindi.

It is possible that due to this reason, in the coming time, the Hindi language may become completely extinct.

And some people who are far-sighted organized Hindi Diwas so that we can all be reminded of the importance of Hindi and our duty towards Hindi language. Hindi Diwas is not just a small day but its importance is very invaluable.

People keep working to penetrate the Hindi language, many people have also given their blessings for this. If you remember, Amar Ujala (newspaper) had requested everyone to use Hindi on Twitter.

And we also do this apple to you, if you are reading this then please if you use social media then use Hindi there, so that people can become aware of Hindi.

Use Hindi while tweeting and contribute to Hindi Diwas 2022 . You can also share this article on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

Purpose of Hindi Divas

The purpose of Hindi Diwas is just that people can be made aware about Hindi language and some place can be made for Hindi in the hearts of the people. To tell people about Hindi language that if everyone will use Hindi in speaking and writing, then only Hindi can be uplifted. On the day of Hindi Divas, people also give their own suggestions, such as people suggest to use Hindi in government offices and many more.

And every year on the occasion of Hindi Divas, whoever works for the expansion of Hindi is honored with an award.

Talking about today’s India, we use English words while speaking Hindi even in normal Talk, which becomes a threat to the existence of Hindi.

As we see, the Dominance of English Language is Becoming Everywhere from Internet to Television, it is not far away when using Hindi will make people feel comfortable.

In the world, if we pay special attention to Hindi, so that Hindi language can be uplifted, otherwise languages like English, Chinese will overtake Hindi and leave Hindi far behind. Hindi is our only language and we should do something for it, we have some duty and responsibility which we should fulfill.

We all know that Varanasi is a wonderful place, there is the biggest institution of Hindi, if you have time, you can cover it, its condition has become very bad, no one is giving it replacement.

For the upliftment of Hindi language, we all have to do something together so that people get employment, they need to recognize some kind of benefit, only then people will take Hindi language seriously.

Faqs on Hindi Diwas

Which day is celebrated on 14th September?
In India, September 14th is celebrated as Hindi Diwas.

When and why is Hindi Diwas celebrated?
Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14th September and it is celebrated to uplift the Hindi language.

Where did the Hindi word come from?
The Iranian people used to call the area along the banks of the Indus river as Hind but gradually they started using Hind for the whole of India. Later on, the word ‘Hindi’ was formed due to the suffix ‘eek’ in ‘Hind’ and later Hindi became Hindi due to the disappearance of ‘a’ from ‘Hindiq’.

How is hindi diwas celebrated?
In India, Hindi Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, programs are organized in schools, government offices, universities.

What is hindi Diwas in english?
Hindi Diwas is a day on which the people of India give respect to their national language and promote their national language.

In which countries Hindi language is spoken?
Hindi language is spoken in many countries like India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, China, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Japan, UK, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Uganda, Yemen, Tobago and Canada etc.

Importance of Hindi Diwas in english?
Hindi is getting extinct with time and the trend of speaking and writing English is in full swing, in view of this, Hindi Diwas is celebrated so that the importance of Hindi language can be told to the people of India.

How did Hindi originate?
Hindi is originated from Sanskrit language, Hindi language is about 1000 years old. Many words from Hindi language have been taken from Sanskrit language and its way of speaking is very similar to Sanskrit.

Why is Hindi Diwas celebrated on 14 September?
There are 2 reasons behind celebrating Hindi Day on 14th September, one is to recognize Hindi as the national language and the 50th birthday of a great Hindi litterateur, both happened on 14th September.

How many people speak Hindi in India?
In India, about 52% of the people speak Hindi and 23% of the people can write and speak Hindi.

When was Hindi Divas celebrated for the first time in India?
For the first time in India, Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 10 January 1975 in Nagpur, Maharashtra and 122 delegates from 30 countries participated in this conference.

What is the name of the official language of India?
Hindi is the official language of India, according to Article 343(1) of the Constitution, Hindi and script Devanagari are recognized as the official language of the Union of India.

Which date hindi diwas is?
Every year 14th September is celebrated by the people of India as Hindi Diwas.

What is the development sequence of Hindi language?
The development order of Hindi language is – Sanskrit-Pali-Prakrit-Apabhramsa-Avattha-Ancient/Early Hindi

When did Hindi language start?
The history of Hindi language is very ancient. Hindi language is considered to be the successor of Sanskrit, as well as it is said that Hindi is born from the womb of Sanskrit itself.

Hindi is a word of which language?
‘Hindi’ is actually a Persian language word, which means Hindi or related to Hind. The word Hindi is derived from Indus-Sindh.

How old is Hindi Language?
Hindi language is about 1000 years old language which is related to Sanskrit.

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